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Ferida Vasiljevic

Ferida Vasiljevic


Recognized as an honor student, Ferida graduated from the Center for Advanced Legal Studies in Houston with an associate degree in legal studies and a paralegal certificate. Today, with a focus on her career, Ferida is known as the problem-solver at Murphy & Associates. Using a unique approach, Ferida manages client files, prepares pleadings, puts all the pieces together for mediations and depositions, drafts business, real estate, and estate documents, helps clients with business formations, and serves as the main contact between all parties involved. She’s proud to say that for her, getting things done efficiently while managing a range of logistics and deadlines is a way of life.
Ferida stands by clients every step of the way, from the first phone call to the last client meeting, and she understands the uncertainty clients feel when they first seek out legal assistance. Ferida treats clients just as she wishes to be treated, and she’s proud that she has the expertise to guide clients seamlessly through the process.
With her strong work ethic and tenacity, Ferida helps her colleagues more effectively serve clients. To that end, it’s no surprise clients trust Ferida and the firm with even the most sensitive situations.
When Ferida isn’t helping the firm’s clients and her colleagues, she enjoys traveling and spending her time with her three children, her husband and her friends.

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