Family Law

Family Law

Relationships take a lot of work — and they don’t always work out. When they don’t, people don’t realize how much is at stake — both emotionally and financially. And if it becomes necessary to dissolve these relationships, it’s important to have someone with good communication skills, empathy and diplomacy to handle these sensitive situations.

Because it’s about more than just ending a relationship. It’s also about understanding your legal options while protecting your and your loved ones’ best interests. Sometimes, it takes finding a Houston-based family law attorney who can help you find a way to work through the issues — even potentially finding an amicable, collaborative solution with the “other side.”

And when a little more assistance is required, you need an advisor who understands complex property division and can effectively serve on both uncontested and contested matters.

Dragging out legal proceedings isn’t good for anyone, and that’s especially true when children and loved ones are involved. But is it possible to find a family law lawyer who tries to resolve issues in the most expedient, cost-effective manner? It is.

Services Provided

The Law Offices of Murphy & Associates can be your trusted, budget-conscious partner who can navigate a range of family matters, including:

Marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships
Divorce, including the division of assets and liabilities
Child custody
Child and spousal support
Child protective proceedings

Why Choose Murphy & Associates?

We understand the delicate nature of these familial situations and strive for amicable resolutions without contentious litigation. For us, it’s not always about “winning”; instead, it’s about finding a mutually agreeable resolution that gives all parties the closure they need to start the next chapter of their lives.

To get to that resolution, you need more than just a lawyer who can advise you of your legal rights. You need a family law attorney who’s responsive and available and who won’t use a cookie-cutter approach to your unique situation.

These can be some of the most stressful times of your life, and you want — and need — someone you can trust and who can see clearly, even when you can’t. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Murphy & Associates are skilled negotiators and litigators — critical for family law — and we also have the financial expertise that’s required when dividing property.

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