Kimberly (“Kimber”) Thomson - Litigation Paralegal

Kimberly Thomson

Kimberly Thomson

Litigation Paralegal

Graduating from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in legal studies, combined with nearly 12 years’ experience in the legal industry, has given Kimber the wide range of experience that helps her clients feel confident in putting their trust in The Law Offices of Murphy & Associates.
Throughout the course of her career, Kimber has worked at the Domestic Abuse Council, advocating for the rights of domestic abuse victims; served as a family law, litigation and personal injury paralegal; and conducted EEOC investigations as a subcontractor with federal facilities. She’s also a graduate of the National Association of Legal Assistants’ (NALA’s) advanced certified paralegal program and earned her trial practice certification through NALA. It’s this breadth and depth of experience — combined with a fierce determination to help clients — that has made her the successful paralegal she is today.
Kimber has always enjoyed the opportunity to work with small, family-oriented law firms. Not only does it give her the opportunities to learn new skills and interact more closely with clients, but it also gives her the chance to take on leadership roles. As the face of the litigation team, Kimber works closely with each client to ensure their questions and concerns are addressed and doesn’t close a meeting or end a phone call until she knows her clients feel comfortable with and confident in their case.
For Kimber, being a paralegal is an opportunity and a blessing — not an obligation. It’s this love for helping and her dedication to her profession and clients that set her apart. She knows that an important part of success—for the client, for the firm and for herself— means developing collaborative relationships that extend beyond the office walls and that stand the test of time.
When not serving her clients, Kimber loves spending time with her children—a 6-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl — and her husband. A proud Cub Scouts mom, Kimber is excited to be part of grassroots change to the scouting organization: In June 2018, she’ll serve as the first Lioness Den leader for girls in Willis, Texas Troop 1097.


  • 2 years working with the Domestic Abuse Council
  • 6-plus years’ family law experience
  • 6 years’ EEOC investigative experience
  • 10-plus years’ paralegal experience


  • Litigation
  • Family law
  • EEOC investigation

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